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Tax Accountant Open Corporation

      Open Tax Accountant Open Corporation. Corey & Associates has been in the Accounting field since 1984. You will get the best professional tax accountant open corporation or LLC for you.   Corey Tax Preparers will look up the name to see if available on This is the sight run by the State of Florida. We make sure no has open a corporation with a name our client choose. If available our office will fill out the form to register the Corporation or LLC.

Getting the Federal Identification number from the IRS. They have a special web sight to get this number. A EIN number is like having a person social security number. All corporation or LLC must have this number.

  Tax Accountant Open Corporation

Tax Accountant Open Corporation

Tax Accountant Open Corporation

Corey & Associates will help you decide which type of Corporation is correct your needs. It could be a LLC if going to have a lot of partners. Full Corporation if do not what to show your share holders. Sub S if you are only going to be you as the partner. Our staff ask you the right questions  to get you set correctly. Choosing wrong type could cost you time and money when time to file  a tax return.

Most Places are internet only and no live person to go and are their to answer your questions. Most have no tax or accounting experience assist you.  We you call our office there will always be a live person to take your call or email. Our office phone number is 305-823-9228 and the email is Call us any time to ask a questions or free consultant.

Tax Accountant Open Corporation

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