Open Corporation LLC Florida 5 Reasons


Open Corporation LLC Florida 5 Reasons. They are personal assets protection,credibility,branding. Your name,perpetual existence,tax flexibility and deductions are the other reasons.

Personal Asset Protection

Personal Asset protection I think is the most important of the reasons why to open a company. A company is a separate entity from you. When you start the company you become shareholders. Good example are Walmart and Home Depot. If the company goes out of business, shareholders are not held liable. Business that are not a Corporation, the owner is responsible. This means the owner has to pay the unpaid bills or damages.


Credibility is another important part of opening corporation llC in Florida. As a company you become an expert the minute you say the name. The public will not see you as a start up. It looks as if you been in business for years. Trust is very important in today business life. One who has company will be trusted more than a person who does run a company. This could be important in the clients Decision making process.

Perpetual Life

Open Corporation LLC Florida

Open Corporation LLC Florida

Open Corporation LLC Florida


Perpetual Life is a major reason why you would open a company or llC Florida. With a corporation the name lives on no matter who is president. If you die your personal name or business will die. With a company the name can live on forever. Much like the company you buy from everyday. Wal-Mart is a prime example how the company will live one. Sam Walton died in 1992, but the company he started lives on.

Regardless of their size, all businesses can benefit from incorporating. Advantages of forming a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) include:

Tax Advantages

Tax advantages are a one of the most important reasons why you would open a open corporation LLC company. You can deduct almost everything before the amount is taxed. With a LLC or Sub S company the profits are passed on to the shareholders so the pays no regular tax.

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Open Corporation LLC Florida
Open Corporaton LLC Florida

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